Do you need more reasons to read WSJ?

I have on a number of ocassions gone on and on about how much I like the Wall Street Journal.

Today, they sent me a customer survey. It has already been filled out and safely sealed in the provided postage paid envelope.

It made me think that I should go on some more about how much I like them.

Here are three features from the past couple of weeks that you should read [all links require a subscription]:

The Ananos family and their company Kola Real are taking on Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the Latin America. In their home country of Peru, Kola Real and other no-name brands claim 21% of the market share. In Venezuela, they owe 10% of the market. Now, Kola Real is going after the world’s 2nd largest soft-drink market – Mexico. In two years, Kola Real has captured 4% of the $15 billion market. The article goes on to talk about what Coke and Pepsi are doing to fight the insurgents.

ESPN seems to be following in the footsteps of MTV. They have decided to create and air original content in lieu of sporting events. The most controversal has been “Playmakers”, the story of a fictional pro-football team. The series seems to concentrate on the low-lights of the sport, angering NFL owners and commissioner. Other commentary based programming such Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn have been more successful. I think people watch ESPN for the sports and for what people have to say about sports. Showing fiction threatens the brand and relationships they have with those who provide them content for the true stories.

Finally, I could have never imagined a fight to find the perfect pineapple. Fresh Del Monte’s ‘Gold’ has changed the $1 billion fresh pineapple market. ‘Gold’ is “sweeter, less acidic and highly resistant to parasites and internal rotting”. To no surprise, everyone else wants in. The story has genetics, lawsuits, and the mysterious “seven seeds”. Check it out.