Products and services that promote a lifestyle or have a personality are seeing alot of success these days.

Oddpost is a great example of that. This $30-a-year email service runs on a web-based applet that looks and feels like Outlook. They have also added the capability to aggregate RSS feeds.

The reason to subscribe is for the clever messages. All email services use a viral footer to get others to check out their service. Here are a few examples of the ones that have been attached to my Oddpost emails:

P.S. I love Oddpost so much that I’m voluntarily promoting it. I must really love it a lot.

P.S. Oddpost is the official email provider of the Chosen People.

P.S. Thanks to Oddpost, I got a big promotion at work, lost 15 pounds and exude a flowery scent from every pore. Also, I don’t get any spam.

P.S. I have accepted Oddpost as my personal savior. Demonic spam-clogged
Hotmail I rebuke you.

Their personality matches mine and now I am a customer.