Something to Check Out

There are two e-newsletters out of Holland that I have been reading for the last couple of months. I will need a couple more months before I can consider them for the Essentials List. So, let me tell you a little about them and you can decide if they are worth adding to your reads right now.

The first is Springwise. The editors scour the world for business ideas. This includes encouraging readers to tell them about the latest and compensating them for good leads.

Each article in the monthly begins with the country of origin. There are two or three paragraphs describing about the idea. Then, two or three more paragraphs talk about the opportunities created by the idea.

The sister publication is Rather than ideas, this monthly highlights trends. The first thing you will notice is alot of made-up words. Every time you find a trend, I guess you need to have something to call it. Trends highlighted this month include transumerism, gravanity, and dormandise.

I like them both.