Essentials 4.1 – Permission Marketing

Seth wrote Permission Marketing in 1999 when email was starting to become an accepted mechanism for marketing. Seth was very familiar with the topic, having founded Yoyodyne, a company which created online direct marketing promotions.

The most important point I took away from the book was the idea of getting permission. Seth believes the only purpose of a website is to get permission to talk to a prospective customer. And like direct marketing, you need to give them a good offer in exchange for their permission. Over time, you want to get additional permission to find out more about them so you can tailor your products and services to meet their needs (Direct Marketing 101). What is different is the cost of doing business over the internet is nearly zero and the ability to tailor messages and offers is taken to a whole other level.

What is always great about Seth is he follows his own advice when he sells his books. He created a web site at It is a one page site that asks you to enter your email address and in return you will be sent the first four chapters of Permission Marketing. The offer worked on me. I got through the first four chapters and had to read the rest. It just happened that the link to Amazon was at the end of the text.

There is alot of basic marketing applied to a different tool in Permission Marketing, but I still think it is well worth the read. Looking over the book, I have started thinking about what I should do with this site…