The Essentials #2 – Fast Company

I am amazed by the number of people who still haven’t heard of this magazine.

I think of it as Fortune on a high dose amphetamine.

But it is more than that. The ideas they talk about strike a chord with people. A friend once described it as hope. I think that is a great description. The magazine taps into the idea that we are trying to make our companies and ourselves better. And others are struggling to do the same thing.

Fast Company has created such a devout following that reader groups have sprouted up all over the world. The network is collectively know as Company of Friends. The activities vary from city to city. I am one of the coordinators for the chapter here in Milwaukee and we meet monthly to discuss an article from the magazine. We normally bring a speaker in (many times the author or subject of the article) to discuss the topic in further depth.

So after you subscribe to FC for $12, find your local chapter and attend an event this month.